VicPAH Events

All VicPAH events are open to anyone over the age of 18, regardless of your gender or sexual identity, whether you’re a Pup, Handler, Trainer, Kitty, Bunny, or any other kind of Pet, or just a curious ally.

A non-sexual play party held at The Club in West Footscray.
Our moshes are all about getting on the mats and having fun.
Tickets can be purchased online or at the venue on the day.

Expect scritches, cuddle piles, and having balls thrown at you from the ball pit.  
Puppy and fetish wear is encouraged, no nudity is allowed.

A dinner held in a public space where you can meet people from the community.

Perfect for if you’re feeling curious or anxious, and want to dip your toes in slowly.
Dress for a public space, but puppy hoods and harnesses etc are .